Gwinnett Mall is not a place where you can put a Solid Waste Transfer Station near by.  Gwinnett county residents do not wanted a Waste Transfer Station in their back yard.  If built, this Waste Transfer Station will accept trash from all over town.  Trash from down town, Cobb, Dekalb, Fulton, Clayton .... will come here everyday.  At least 82 trash trucks will travel in and out of this area everyday.  It is not counting the giant trucks that will be use to hault these trash out from the station.  In total, the Gwinnett county/I-85 chock point will have to handle an additional 164 big slow moving trash haulling trucks and a least 40-50 giant trucks to transfer trash out.  This total in additional to the already heavy traffics on I-85 will give all Gwinnett county residents a nightmare each day when they travel to and from work.  Gwinnett Mall will loose customers due to this images.  The Gwinnett Clean and Beautiful slogan will no longer acceptable because trash is now at the heart of Gwinnett County. The Gwinnett county board of Commissioner is going to vote on this issue on February 3, 2009.  Based on the prior vote, Commissioner Kevin Kenerly of district 4 and Charles Bannister the Commissioner chairman has indicated that they will APPROVE for this Solid Waste Transfer Station to be build.  Commissioner Bert Nasuti of district 2 and Commissioner Mike Beaudreau of district 3 has voted AGAINST this Waste Transfer Station.  New comming Commissioner Sherley Lassetter of District 1 has not vote because she will take office effective Jan. 2009 and the previous Commissioner Lorraine Green was not at the hearing. 

In both of the prior Public Hearing, thousand of people turned out to raise their voice against this proposed Solid Waste Station and the Gwinnett county CID, Gwinnett county Planning Board has recommended to DENY the rezoning request for this Waste Station.

Sign the online petition, call each commissioner, write letters, write emails to the commissioners and ask them to say NO to this Solid Waste Transfer Station.  It is just bad for Gwinnett county.  It is just bad for peoples.  It is just bad for children.

Commissioners address contacts is:

Commissioner contact address:
75 Langley Drive, Lawrenceville, GA 30045

 Commissioners Email address are:

Commission Chairman:
Charles Bannister.  770.822.7010

District 1 Commissioner: Shirley Lasseter.  770.822.7001

District 2 Commissioner: Bert Nasuti.  770.822.7002

District 3 Commissioner: Mike Beaudreau.  770.822.7003

District 4 Commissioner: Kevin Kenerly.  770.822.7004


Read articles on Atlanta Journal Constitution on December 4, 2008 and December 16, 2008 here

The Holy Vietnamese Martyrs Mission website about the fight against the Solid Waste Transfer Station

The online petition against the Waste Transfer Station

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Slideshow about Waste Transfer Station

if you need more information please contact us

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